A Vird pack was spotted close to one of the farms. We have already evacuated the residents, all but one family on the outskirts. These people need help and protection.

This is a 'protect and defeat' squad adventure. Players are put on a timer and are required to defend a specific amount of residents against the continuous waves of vird. Each wave has a set number of enemies. There is no 'boss' but the closer players get to the end of the adventure, the faster the vird spawn. If a player is defeated, the respawn point is inside the farm and they will be able to continue fighting. The mobs will not reset.  

The sole objective is simple, defeat wave after wave of enemies until you achieve completion of this squad adventure (around 15-17 full waves) 

Optional Objectives: 

Note: These are always the same, no matter what difficulty this adventure is selected in, and the 40 minute situation timer does not change these objectives at all. 

  • Do not let farmers die. (8 Total) - You score more "rank" points every farmer that survives. 
  • Do not let Aristel die. 
  • Do not let yourself die. 

Guide Edit


  • * - If doing this squad adventure with 2 or 3 players.
  • ** - If doing this squad adventure solo without attempting an S-Rank.
  • *** - If doing this squad adventure with 2 or 3 players, while attempting an S-Rank.
  • ***** - If doing this squad adventure solo, while attempting an S-Rank.

Solo Recommendations:

  • A ranged class is very important for this one if attempting to solo, because if you use a melee class, especially near the end of the squad adventure, it may be very difficult for you to save any farmers (as an S-Rank on Aristel's Farm requires you to let all 8 farmers live, you cannot die yourself, or let Aristel die.)
  • Near the middle to the end of the attack waves, invaders WILL approach two different gates at one time, so you need to keep an eye on the West, North, and East gates at all times! Although the Argus System says an attack is coming from one direction, you will need to keep an eye on other gates, especially near the end.
  • Even though one of the optional objectives is to let all farmers survive, this may be extremely difficult to get an S-Rank solo.

Group Recommendations:

  • For sure you need someone to be able to support (e.g. Lightbinder) or tank (e.g. Paladin), as the stats will boost you significantly in the battlefield.
  • This is far easier to do as a group, especially as a coordinated group for an S-Rank. Be sure if you have a 3rd person to use a ranged class to attack the enemies at a distance instead of trying to attack them at close range to avoid dying easily.



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