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Role: Support.png Support

Being an alchemist means being a half-mad scientists with access to an arsenal of corrosive chemical compounds and invigorating elixirs. Equipped with a portable alchemy laboratory, they can spray acid and fire at enemies and inflict significant damage with their bladed claws.



The Alchemist uses a pair of mechanical, tentacle-like tools called Manipulators. They are fitted on a backpack.


The additional weapon for an Alchemist is the Extractor.

Abilities and Talents[]

Icon Name
AlchemistUsualStance.png Usual Stance
AcidicSolution.png Acidic Solution
CombustibileSolution.png Combustible Solution
PredatoryEctoplasm.png Predatory Ectoplasm
CreepingHorror.png Creeping Horror
ToxicEmission.png Toxic Emission
Desintegrate.png Disintegrate
Skipjack.png Skipjack
ProtectiveMembrane.png Protective Membrane
JanusEssence.png Janus Essence
ParalyzingGas.png Paralyzing Gas
MassiveTransformation.png Massive Transformation
Transformation.png Transformation
Biotrap.png Biotrap
ProtectiveShell.png Protective Shell
LoadingDose.png Stimulant Injection
AlchemicTerminal.png Alchemic Terminal
EnergyShower.png Energy Shower
TransformationStance.png Transformation
MonstrousRage.png Monstrous Rage
MonsterLeap.png Monster Leap
TransformationTermination.png Transformation Termination
AlchemistSimplified.png Ultimate
HealingEssence.png Healing Essence
AlchemistSimplified.png Finisher
DeadlyExperiment.png Deadly Experiment
Icon Name
ProtectiveMembrane.png Improved Formula
AcidicSolution.png Accelerated Synthesis
EnergyShower.png Doping
PredatoryEctoplasm.png Toxic Slime
CreepingHorror.png Secret Concoction
LoadingDose.png Loading Dose
SeriesOfExperiments.png Series of Experiments
ProtectiveMembrane.png Reflection Procedure
EmergencyEvacuation.png Emergency Evacuation
ProtectiveShell.png Defense Algorithm
Icon Name
MassiveTransformation.png Side Effect
JanusEssence.png Intense Reaction
Biotrap.png Corrosive Substance
MatterTransformation.png Matter Transformation
AlchemicTerminal.png Steadying Effect
Skipjack.png Enhanced Solution
ToxicEmission.png Acid Splash
ToxicEmission.png Secondary Emission
Transformation.png Stable Mutation
HealingEssence.png Steroids