Alcedon Facility.jpg
Alcedon Facility

Number of players: 10v10

Game mode: PL - Payload

The Alcedon Facility is a long asymmetrical map divided into three sections. The teams have different goals: one must get the movable cargo to its intended destination and the other must stop them. If the cargo makes it to the checkpoint before the time runs out, the first team wins, if not victory goes to their opponents.

The cargo only continues to move forward if there’s at least one player from the attacking team next to it; otherwise the platform begins to move backwards. Players can focus on moving the cart forward (the more players next to it, the faster it moves,) or divide their forces: some players escorting the cargo and some clearing the way.

The defenders have options as well: they can engage the enemy head-on or make use of the surrounding environment, namely the cannons located at elevated points on the map. If a defender reaches one they can easily take out a whole team of attackers. Attackers should be on the lookout and fight to keep their opponents from using them.


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