Alakur was once home to one of the most beautiful temples in all of Aelion, the Temple of Ianna. Citizens from all across the globe traveled to honor their patron goddess by leaving their offerings at the feet of the statue of their goddess, singing their songs and offering their prayers. To this day, the statue still stands by the sea, but the temple itself lies in ruins thanks to the carnivorous Phytonides who’ve seized the land and flooded the island.

Players will decend down ramps to the beach area below, dispatching mobs along the way. The area is scattered with various phytonide mobs including Entid Sowers and Poisonous Triffids with x4 health. The first set of these will be separated but the second set will be together, just past the second boss. The Sowers will spawn poisonous flowers under the players who will need to immediately move to avoid moderate to heavy damage. The Triffids will throw poison spike in the direction of the player. This is channeled and the 'hands' of the mob turn green just before the toss. Both will throw poison at the player in-between these other abilities. See below for boss mechanics. 


Deathflower Hyperica

Dragon Teeth
As Hyperica moves, she leaves seeds behind that release poisonous clouds if there is an enemy close to it.
Occasionally flies into a rage for a few seconds, which increases her damage and reduces movement speed. While Hyperica is enraged, she does not use Dragon Teeth.

Wedgeleafed Orgillium

Attacks enemies in a small radius with spikes. It will appears as a green circle that spreads outwards. Best to step outside of it.
Summons 4 Triffids to its aid. They die quickly but will release poison when they do so. 

Branchy Eneskid

Spits poison at the players, creating a small poison circle that players need to move out of. 
Emergency Supplies

Devours one of the enemies and spits it out in a cocoon, immobilized. You can free the ally if you get close to it.

Summons 4 Triffids to its aid. These die easily but will release poison when they do. 



Skyforge Livestream 6 Exploring Alakur Island with the Necromancer!

Skyforge Livestream 6 Exploring Alakur Island with the Necromancer!

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